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by Danielle in Social Media, comments

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When it was left down to writing a letter or actually ringing a brand to complain about them a lot of people would rather sit and stew about their issues rather than, god forbid, risk some human contact. But now sending a disgruntled tweet or posting a terrible experience publicly on a brand Facebook page […]


by Laura Smith in Dev, comments

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WARNING before you begin, this truly is the coders guide to hard-core coding. Therefore you may want to take our quick test first: If you know what DOM and OOP stand for – then please continue! For those who still dare to enter without knowing what the above stand for – DOM (Document Object Model) […]


by Tessa Cocksedge in Campaigns, comments

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Marc Jacobs – #CastMeMarc Marc Jacobs, the digital savvy designer has launched a new online campaign to find the new face of its 2014 Fall collection. The campaign was launched by its sister brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs and has been headed up by its two new British creative directors, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. […]