Facebook’s Social Widgetization Of The Web INFOGRAPHIC

By mycleveragency

‘Widgetization’ is a cool word right?! This week JESS3 crafted a neat looking INFOGRAPHIC off the back of Facebook’s ‘Like’ button celebrating it’s first birthday on the 21st April – what did we ever do without it?!

JESS3 reports ‘Facebook’s “Like” button recently celebrated its first birthday — noting that 10,000 sites are integrating with the social plugin on a daily basis. A week ago, the evolution of sharing widgets continued with the launch of the “Send” button. “Send” won’t replace its comrade, “Like,” but will appear next to it as a new option to share content with a more specific subset of people.’

So, to mark this occasion those crafty designers at JESS3 sculpted the below. We thought it was pretty cool, do you agree?


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