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By mycleveragency

We’re now in our third week of running #mycleverchat, a weekly chat about social media and its platforms. Each week we talk about a specific topic, usually focusing on one platform although this changes from week to week. Below is a list of the highlights from our chat on Wednesday (07/11/12) – the topic this week was ‘social influence’. This week we were fortunate enough to be joined by Ferenc Huszar, a senior data scientist from PeerIndex, who was able to give everyone insight into how influence is sometimes measured.

Don’t forget to join us every week on Wednesdays between 1 – 2pm to get involved. If you want to see more of the conversation make sure you check out the hashtag #mycleverchat. We’re always open to suggestions about topics and questions so feel free to comment below to let us know.

Q1 – Do you use social influence sites? If so, which one & why this platform in particular? 


Q2 - Is there room in the ‘social influence’ space for another influence system/platform? Is so, why?

Q3: What metrics should be used to measure a users social influence? 

Q4 – Does a quantified influence system risk corrupting the values of social?

Q5: How can you distinguish between people who say they are influential vs. those who really are?

Q6: Do users only interact with people who have a certain influence score? If so, why?

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