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Social Media is more than just a Facebook page and Twitter handle. There are lots of things you can do within your own website to make it social and improve your users’ experience. Not to mention the fact you can create custom apps for your Facebook page, whether it be a competition or a fun engagement tool to boost activity on Facebook for your brand. Our team is full of creative ideas just waiting to be unleashed on the public and to make things easy for you, we’ll talk things through with your Technical teams to get the result you need.

We genuinely love working with social platforms and always stretch the boundaries of what can be done within them. Why? It’s a massively exciting time for social integration and development within the platforms themselves; whether building a website within Facebook, integrating Facebook Connect – it’s very cool, just check out Tripadvisor for example – or building an app that can appeal to your target audience, we’ll get you there.

What can our development team do for you?

  • Social Media Technical Consultation
  • Integration of Facebook, Twitter and other networks with your current website
  • Turning your Facebook pages into fully fledged hubs and self-contained networks
  • Facebook Page tabs like Enhanced Polls, Sweepstakes, Facebook Commerce and Product Showcases, Contact Points, Mailing list sign ups, RSS Feeds, Reviews/Rating Apps
  • Bespoke Facebook applications. If you have an idea, run it by us and we’ll see if we can turn it into a reality for you


Application Development might sound boring but it is one of the best and most enjoyable ways for consumers to engage with brands on the social web. It boils down to maximising word of mouth online and generating “earned media” instead of paying for it. “Earned media” is what will drive your brand forward – engaged consumers equal more word of mouth.

We’ll also build a strategy to maximise the use of your app. We won’t build an app for building an app’s sake. Nor will we advise adding Facebook Connect to your website simply to look “social”. We’ll deliver a strategy and reasoning for doing it and if it won’t work for you, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll find the right solution just for you, because each brand is different and, more importantly, each brand’s consumers are different.

We are a full service social media agency that teams up with companies to build their brand equity by leveraging all forms of the social web to create conversations, increase word of mouth and build lasting relationships.

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