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Brand and planning

The perception of a brand is no longer determined by one-way communication. For decades, a business could tell their customers what they were about en masse. Blanket statements designed without a thought to what consumers actually want. At a time when the strongest brands are those forming personal, meaningful connections, marketers need to form what their brand offers with audience interests at their heart if they’re to make a true connection.

Our job is twofold. First, we’re tasked with adopting the brand values of established marquees and finding ways to make them tangible, relatable messages that people really care about. Second, we face the task of going back even further. Start-up brands ready to challenge the market work with us to find clever ways of defining what their brand means in their formative years.

We “get” brands. How they see themselves, how they want to be seen, and how their audience sees them. By using audience insights and analysing emerging trends, we develop everything they use to communicate. We develop their tone of voice: the language they use, the way they structure their writing. We also work with visual language: everything from logo creation to colour palettes. It all influences how they’re perceived and how they speak to their customers.

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