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Gumtree - #ItStartsHere


The Client

In its first major overhaul since launching in 2000, Gumtree set out to develop a completely new look, complete with a new logo, brand identity, tone of voice and improvements across its mobile and desktop channels. They set a big goal: to become a top 10 website in the UK, hitting every internet user by 2018. This was their opportunity to start afresh, re-assert their trustworthy reputation and provide outstanding customer service.

The Challenge

Our initial brief to support PR quickly expanded. To maximise Gumtree’s modest budget, we were tasked with creating ‘a big splash’ for the re-brand across their social channels, making the most of the sentiment, seeking advocates and building an emotional connection between Gumtree and their online community.

Our Response

Early in the rebrand, we attended a tone of voice workshop where we discussed how we currently communicate to Gumtree’s customers and their feelings towards the brand. Ultimately this helped define the brand’s new tone of voice, crucial to revamping its social content.

We developed #ItStartsHere in response to the proposed TV advertising campaign. Themed around how Gumtree purchases can create opportunities in someone’s life, #ItStartsHere perfectly complemented the campaign.

We embarked on a hunt for influencers across social media, people who love Gumtree. We analysed influencer profiles to discover what they liked, and used Gumtree to send them a gift.

The Outcome

As well as planned paid social, our team were engaged in community outreach throughout launch day. This resulted in a 14.88% Twitter engagement rate in the first 24 hours of the brand relaunch as well as 279,000 video views.

The following week was the exclusive social media launch of the new TV advert. To coincide, we stimulated trending conversation on Twitter, generating 17.1 million brand impressions, a huge success! On Facebook, the advert received over 553,000 views.


  • 5.9 million impressions overall within 24 hours of brand re-launch
  • Website visits prior to re-brand: 15 million users per month
  • Website visits following re-brand: 22 million by the second week
  • Traffic from social channels up 61.8%
  • 20% increase in homepage visits
  • 15.7million trend impressions on Twitter

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