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Content marketing

The disruption model of marketing has long since become old hat. For millennials, television ads are mere hindrances to be fast-forwarded or skipped altogether, while print ads barely register. This new level of choice means marketers looking for quick, effective levels of exposure are finding their reach in severe decline. Content marketing is how brands are finding ways to no longer interrupt and “sell” to consumers, but how they’re helping them make purchase decisions.

Brands come to us for a more strategic approach. They come to us because we know how to create and distribute content that’s valuable, relevant and consistent. Their objectives are to to gain (and retain) clearly defined audiences who see the value of keeping our clients in their lives.

We make content for humans, not robots. When we provide branded content that’s funny, informative or valuable, we give the audience reason hold them in higher esteem. By integrating content strategies that are actually meaningful, we earn an audience’s approval to interact with them more.

We’ve taught brands how to present the benefits of their product or service without chasing the sale. From PPI specialists trying to break free of the stigma surrounding their industry to an international publisher with a huge CSR initiative, we’re proving that content is key to growing an invested, conscientious audience who want to interact with their brands.

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