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Campaign integrated into staff training

The Brief

Gladstone Brookes approached myclever™ Agency to devise a campaign to challenge perceptions around PPI and encourage new claimants to begin their PPI journey with Gladstone Brookes.

Gladstone Brookes recover PPI for thousands of people every year. For many, this payout is a life-changing sum of money.

The Approach

To bring the positive experience of using Gladstone Brookes to life, we focused on bringing Gladstone Brookes’ happy customers' stories to life. PPI payouts changed their lives, from taking their family on a dream holiday to paying for their daughter's wedding; from home improvements to buying their son’s first cars.

By showcasing what the payouts meant to Gladstone Brookes’ customers, myclever™ Agency presented the positive, human face of PPI: that normal people everywhere had been mis-sold PPI and that reclaiming what was owed to them enhanced the lives of their families and loved ones.

myclever™ Agency leveraged the brand’s email database to activate an existing audience of satisfied customers.

Once a person submitted their story and video or picture, it was moderated by our team and hosted to a branded microsite. They were then re-targeted by email to encourage them to share their Money Memories entry with their friends and family.

These positive stories also referred new customer leads to Gladstone Brookes, with the benefit of brand advocacy from thousands of amazing stories.

The Results

Money Memories received thousands of entries. These entries provided hundreds of user-generated pieces of content to share across Gladstone Brooke’s social channels.

Gladstone Brookes also use the testimonials from Money Memories as internal training tools and as a demonstration of their customer service.

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