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Project Literacy

Combating global illiteracy with the world’s biggest publisher

The client

Illiteracy is a global issue that affects more than 700 million people. It’s indicative of problems including poverty, malnutrition, and other human rights issues. What’s more, it exists in both developed and undeveloped countries.

As the world’s largest publisher, Pearson feel duty-bound to raise awareness of and tackle the illiteracy crisis that has a detrimental impact on quality of life all over the world. Their initiative to confront the issue is called Project Literacy.

The challenge

Because illiteracy receives limited attention from global media, Pearson wanted to create educational material to raise awareness. They also wanted to prompt its internal staff to volunteer their support for literacy projects to show the company’s commitment to the cause.

We were tasked with creating deep, sharable content that communicated the importance of literacy in lives and communities, as well as the impact of a life lived without the benefits and opportunities it creates.

Our response

Pearson provided us with pages of data, which we set about getting acquainted with. By educating ourselves, we felt more empowered to do justice to the issues Project Literacy aims to solve.

We identified key dates to build content around; human rights and literacy-related issues gave us anchors to hook our messaging. They included a range of topics from Nelson mandela day to International Women’s Day.

By processing masses of research, we were able to pick apart the most compelling points and hard-hitting facts. We extracted details that would get people talking about Project Literacy across the world.

The outcome

Vast numbers of assets were created for Pearson to distribute. Animations, infographics and static posts brought the issue to life, and provided the client with a bank of content to use – the bedrock of a solid communication that would guide their campaigns.

We established ourselves as a valued partner in Pearson’s fight against illiteracy. Project Literacy landed with real impact thanks to our content and build support, with a ripple effect that made waves across the world. The result was a deluge of individuals and organisations rushing to support and endorse this crucial initiative.

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