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Rare London: a good fit for social

The client

Party season in the fashion world is a prime time for clothing retailers to showcase their offering and capitalise on the consumer shopping mission. Fast fashion online retailer, Rare London wanted to increase brand awareness among their target audience in a fiercely competitive landscape.

The challenge

Rare tasked us with driving both traffic and sales during this key period. They wanted their dresses to light up social feeds and compel users to head to the site for purchase. They expressed the desire for a sponsored campaign with a clear message: that Rare’s party dresses will arrest people’s gaze and make the wearers stand out in glamorous style.

Our response

We knew the target audience would be a captive one – that their mission to find the perfect party dress would have them on the alert. The campaign had to be image led, with a suggestive CTA that effectively invited that all-important click. To communicate the feeling that the dresses couldn’t be ignored, we created a hashtag to add some sizzle to the campaign: #AllEyesOnYou.

The outcome

The strategy focused on a highly targeted paid campaign spanning Facebook and Instagram, using a mix of striking visual content and copy designed to drive users to purchase. #AllEyesOnYou created the ‘red carpet’ feel, encouraging consumers to stand out during the party season in one of Rare’s striking numbers. Strategic integration with a PPC helped drive further traffic to the site with a focus on long tail, occasion focused search terms.


  • Maximised spend and fine tuned reach over just three weeks and with a modest budget
  • Squeezed cost per click down to £0.22
  • Grew conversions from social sources by 33%
  • Generated 153,700 video views – at just £0.01 a view

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