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Project Literacy

Combating global illiteracy with the world’s biggest publisher

The client

Across the world, in both developed and undeveloped countries, illiteracy is symptomatic of poverty, malnutrition, and other deficiencies in human rights conditions.

Pearson, the world’s largest publisher and academic body, were committed to raising awareness of and tackling an illiteracy epidemic that reduces the quality of life for more than 700 million people. They called their initiative Project Literacy.

The challenge

Understanding of the illiteracy crisis was not widespread; Pearson wanted to educate the world at large about illiteracy, and to incite volunteer action from its internal staff.

Pearson gave us the objective of producing rich, relatable content that illustrated the vital role literacy plays in all of our lives, as well as the dark realities of a life lived with illiteracy.

Our response

We pored over pages of data that Pearson had collated with their research. By becoming accustomed with the plight of illiteracy, we found opportunities to present it to the world, and found the issue of literacy affecting far more than one would ever imagine.

Key dates commemorating human rights and literacy-related issues were identified as hooks for us to produce content around, including Nelson Mandela Day, International Women’s Day and it meant disseminating masses of content and asking: “What’s relevant?” “What’s the headline?” in order to best project the hard-hitting messages that would get people talking, and make Project Literacy an internationally renowned cause.

The outcome

Boundless assets were created for Pearson to use: everything from animations, infographics and static posts for their social channels, a suite of content including a booklet and video to introduce Project Literacy, and microsites for volunteers to pledge their support.

Our content and build support meant Project Literacy’s first twelve months made a real impact, and its tremors were felt worldwide as partner organisations flooded to endorse the initiative.

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