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Paid media

Advertising budgets are constantly being revised to provide greater digital media allocation, meaning the pay-to-play environment has never been more important. Amplifying your reach with ad spend invariably increases the chance of your best content being seen and interacted with. But amplifying it in the right direction is even more crucial. After all, what’s the point in speaking if nobody is interested in what you’re saying?

By using modern ad formats in conjunction with granular insights, we increase traffic, build awareness and of course drive conversions. Paid ads allow us to promote branded content to distinct audience profiles at a granular level, in an accountable and cost effective way. Extensive and powerful, our targeting methods mean we’re able to serve content to people based on where they are, their age, interests and even their choice of device so they’re receiving the content that’s most pertinent and meaningful to them.

Our paid social specialists work with the creative production team in a continuous method that allows us to constantly optimise campaigns. We improve our targeting, tweak our copy and switch our designs, testing to see what content generates the best response and enhancing where we see clear successes. This responsive approach means relevant, audience-focused content reaches the people you want it to, delivering the results that your business expects in the process.

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