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Reflex Challenge

Putting Seagate’s gamer fans through their paces

The client

One of Seagate’s most valuable target audiences is PC gamers. The drive manufacturer’s products perfectly complement their needs of high capacity and speedy performance. The brand wants to be at the front of gamers’ minds when the time comes around for them to renew their hard drive, so are constantly looking for original ways to engage them.

The challenge

The challenge was to boost consideration for the brand’s gaming-focused hard drives. Our answer had to utilise a unique approach that incited users to convert and make their purchase on retailer websites. The activity had to compel the audience to share and form a natural association with the speedy performance that Seagate wants its drives to be recognised for. The timeline was short, but our resolve was strong.

Our response

Thanks to mobile technology it’s easier than ever for gamers to access their favourite pastime, so it only felt natural to appeal to their greatest passion. We took inspiration from our favourite on-the-go games that could be played casually and quickly. We particularly liked the link between reaction times and games with off-kilter humour like Nintendo’s Wario Ware and other swipe-based time killers.

The outcome

We created an online gaming experience called Reflex Challenge. A series of randomly presented, quick fire mini games tested players’ reflexes. They included monster wrestling, tank target practice and a jet-propelled spaceman. We capitalised on the game’s addictive nature, challenging players to come back to the site for more, where the benefits of Seagate drives were reinforced and where they could follow links to partner retailers.

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