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Nikon Lenswear Voucher App

ROI of nearly 6:1

The Brief

myclever™ Agency was asked to increase product awareness, drive footfall to retailers, and ultimately increase sales of Nikon Lenses in key global markets.

Having successfully implemented voucher campaigns in the United States, UK, France, Taiwan and Singapore, myclever™ was asked to produce similar results in Canada.

The Approach

We localised a responsive, multilingual voucher microsite to appeal to the target audience of 35- to 60-year-olds with interests in eyecare and sight-related health issues.

Our paid social strategy favoured Google SERP ads as people searching Google for generic terms such as ‘lenses’ had a high intent to buy.

Google PPC, Google Display Network, Facebook ads and email marketing messages were served to people who lived within 10 miles of participating stores.

Our ads drove traffic towards a microsite featureing easy-to-understand product benefits, the offer message and a clear call to action to claim a voucher which could be redeemed in a local store.

People that landed on the microsite but did not claim a voucher were retargeted, using multi-stage cookie and pixel segmentation, with display and social ads encouraging conversion.

We tracked email addresses against voucher redemption to up the urgency for people who had a voucher but were yet to make a purchase.

Optimising ad spend helped us to target specific cities that were experiencing the best click-through rates and lowest CPCs, maximising conversions.

The Results

The campaign received millions of impressions, resulting in a conversion rate of 22%.

The return on investment (ROI) for this campaign was $6 for every $1 spent.


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