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Research and development

Without research and development, we cannot innovate. We can’t introduce our clients to the new, the exciting or the revolutionary. R&D is the key to our ability to improve products and processes.

Of course, R&D can’t happen without testing or experimentation. And to do that, you need a laboratory.

Introducing myclever™ Lab, our own in-house group of social scientists, experimenting in digital product. We build digital experiences using emerging technologies and tactically partner with brands to create industry first innovations.

myclever Lab is a testing facility for the brands brave enough to change at pace with the times, not one step behind them. We show our clients the mechanisms that make new marketing opportunities work, and how to harvest the unique opportunities they create.

By working alongside our Lab colleagues, myclever Agency is able to not only have access to tomorrow’s technology, but to see its testing in action. Because myclever Lab trials the latest wave of innovation, it ekes out the risks and gets early indications of its capabilities and advantages. By passing these insights onto myclever Agency, the knowledge allows us to serve clients refined builds that have already been put through their paces in real-world situations.

Lab is at the forefront of a bot revolution, applications that provide simple but intelligent automated responses and/or services within a messenger service. Currently we’ve been building highly integrated bots for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack and more.

Since unveiling its Messenger API, Facebook has opened the floodgates for independent developers to create their own bots, accessible within Messenger for its 900 million users.

With such a versatile infrastructure and far-reaching audience, the potential is huge.

Here's what else we're working on right now that form the focal points of our experimentation and discovery:

  • Crowd and shared economy business transformation programs.
  • Advanced social media integrations including bespoke CRM options, multi-camera live video and content subscription services.
  • Support and mentorship for digital service model start-ups.
  • Our very own myclever products.

myclever Lab is a hive of information and opportunity. To see more about what they do, and how to explore the opportunities they’re discovering, just visit the myclever Lab website to get in touch.

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