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Millions of data points visualised

The client

As the UK’s primary navigation service provider, NATS (National Air Traffic Service) are the gatekeepers of sky travel safety, planning aviation routes across the globe. The service’s aim is to become the acknowledged global leader in innovative air traffic solutions, safety and airport performance. To achieve it, they wanted to communicate the complexity of their job, and show just how much data they process for the maintenance of safe, steady air traffic.

The challenge

Our brief was to transform live flight data into a visualisation, without using the traditional approach of a video rendering. The solution had to be quickly grab the attention of their highly qualified but time-poor target audience, who included aerospace experts, specialists and policy makers working on behalf of airlines, airports, ANSPs and governments around the world.

Our response

We explored ways to quickly translate the vast volumes of data NATS process at any given time and came up with a theory for the solution; producing something big, beautiful and that bowled over the viewer with the scale of information on display.

The outcome

Our Development team created the “London Airspace Weather Conditions” app; a dynamic infographic that uses a cutting edge algorithm to make millions of data points beautiful. It could be quickly updated as the flight data was rendered dynamically in a browser. 

The app can be fully integrated into a website, or even used offline for presentation purposes. The app demonstrates how NATS manage adverse weather conditions across London’s busy commercial airports, allowing the viewer to switch between conditions on the fly to compare flight paths. Unlike previous videos used by NATS, the data visualised by our app can be updated to show the latest flight patterns in a simple and accessible way.

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