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Reflex Challenge

Putting Seagate’s gamer fans through their paces

The client

Gamers are a prime target audience for Seagate, whose drives are perfectly suited to the high capacity and fast performance required of both console and PC gamers alike. As the brand continuously looks for new ways to promote its drives, they wanted to give gamers an incentive to put Seagate at the top of their list of drive manufacturers.

The challenge

The objective was to increase consideration for Seagate’s gaming hard drives. The solution had to incorporate a unique reason for users to convert and go to retailer websites. The activity had to be sharable and evocative of the speedy performance that Seagate prides their products on. What’s more, we had to do it in a tight timeframe.

Our response

We know that gamers will take any opportunity to partake in their favourite pastime, so could think of no better way to attract them. We looked at our favourite on-the-go games that were accessible, could be quickly completed, and that provided a hook for us to focus the message on speed. We found inspiration in the irreverent humour of Wario Ware and other addictive swipe-based time killers.

The outcome

We created Reflex Challenge, a rotation of quick fire mini games that required players to have hair trigger reflexes and an appetite to come back for more - which we capitalised on, retargeting that players and goading them into beating their previous high scores. With a compelling interaction established, every player was exposed to the Seagate brand and their range of high performance gaming drives.

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