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VisitEngland - Hall Of Fame

England’s Hall Of Fame

6 million reached on Facebook

Awards for VisitEngland - Hall Of Fame

The Brief

myclever™ Agency's award winning "Hall Of Fame" campaign helped VisitEngland with their ongoing mission; to increase the value of England's tourism industry, in order to create 250,000 jobs.

We were asked to promote English attractions and destinations through user-generated content across multiple social media platforms, to improve VisitEngland's fan base on Facebook and Twitter, and to drive awareness of the brand and their mission.

The Approach

We utilised a multiple-stage approach to the "Hall Of Fame" campaign. Our team designed a bespoke responsive microsite that users could initially upload their own pictures and accompanying stories to, in order to showcase their chosen “great & good” local features.

The entries could be categorized to help others browse through them and like, share and discuss their favourites. Entries varied wildly, from Harry Potter to Styles, Marmite and the Magna Carta, Banksy to the Bank of England. The advantage of user-generated content here was that it was a true reflection of the interests of the public, so had more engagement with that same target audience. We were able to rapidly populate the microsite with content that we could monitor and curate, while also moderate the quality of the entries.

In the second phase, the entries were short-listed and put to the public vote. A collective of judges from VisitEngland and myclever™ Agency filtered through the entries to select the ones that had high appeal and engagement. When they voted for their favourites, the public were offered the opportunity to share their vote and the app in general to their friends.

The microsite also featured widgets to encourage users to like and follow VisitEngland across their social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The site also featured a link to the VisitEngland homepage, which would drive traffic back to their domain. This served to optimize their search engine ranking, increasing their reach beyond those who already viewed their web presence.

The Results

With an overall reach of 6 million on Facebook, the "Hall Of Fame" had over 1,000 entries and 600,000 participants. The overall number of Twitter and Facebook fans dramatically increased: 20,000 new Facebook fans and 10,000 new Twitter followers subscribed to the respective channels as a result of the campaign – a 10% increase on both platforms.

ROI (Return On Investment) for this campaign reached 15:1, with a cost-per-thousand well below the industry standard. The OTS (Opportunity To See) reached 200 million. VisitEngland’s "Hall Of Fame" was out there, in front of their target audience, to the desired effect.

An exhibition based on the final "Hall Of Fame" was installed on London’s famous South Bank, attracting thousands of visitors and achieving national media coverage. The campaign achieved the intended aim; to get people talking about England as a tourist destination.

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