Why the Sun Never Sets on the Facebook Empire – Or Will It?

By Rob McNair

Two social infographics mapping the ‘world’ domination that Facebook is attempting and the fall of The Great Empire of Myspace.



Look at the difference in these two infographics! In the 2007 Myspace was the country with the biggest nuclear aresnal, in 2010 it’s Facebook that holds all the cards.

We can look at it like a game of risk, in the period of 2007-2009 myspace was flagging, losing ground with the average user by letting bands constantly spam our comments box. They were losing reinforcements. The populace was losing faith and latching on to a new religion.

Step in Zuckerberg the Great and his growing army of Facebook users. Zuckerberg had a plan, his dice rolls/investments were all six’s and his reinforcments were growing exponantially! He wanted the world, and from the infographic above he got it! He managed to conquer half of the world in three short years, that’s quicker than both Alexander the Great and The British Empire.

We can also see a civil war breaking out in the United States of MMO. World of Warcraft was the dominant force there for quite a while with a loyal following, but as new idealists started preaching their wisdom (and their products) they gained followers and founded their own independant states, battling for possesion of the land.

Twitter has congregated itself quite an army and is probably stockpiling something, they are one of the more neutral countries in the social world, but have expanded exponentially in the last three years but have a loyal following, probably willing to put they’re lives on the line for King and country.

It really is interesting the way the world has moved from idle internet chatter to a more social atmosphere, and how one superpower can take over with such remarkable speed. If you are doubting the above, the answer this: When’s the last time you checked your Myspace profile?

The next three years are going to be a turbulent time in the social world. Lord Zynga, the ruler of Farmville is getting population and economic unrest from the land of Facebook. They are looking to form an independant state, trying to take the land that is theirs. Zynga’s followers are as loyal as can be, Lord Zynga is contantly developing more addictive games (drugs) that will keep them loyal to him. Similar to the situation in Gaza, there will be violence, hopefully peace talks and ultimately some kind of brittle truce.

What are your predictions for the next three years? Can you see the geolocation alliance gunning for World domination? Or will Zynga, the social gaming company perfom a coup de etat and slide into the throne of Facebook? Let us know your predictions below…

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.