This Week In Social: Black Friday Gets Social, Diaspora Cures Your Facebook Woes, Youtube Skips Ads, Yelp ‘Deals’ With Offers And Foursquare Lets You Check-in To Check-out

This Week In Social: Black Friday Gets Social, Diaspora Cures Your Facebook Woes, Youtube Skips Ads, Yelp ‘Deals’ With Offers And Foursquare Lets You Check-in To Check-out

By Rob McNair

Black Friday Gets Social, Diaspora Cures Your Facebook Woes, Youtube Skips Ads, Yelp ‘Deals’ With Offers And Foursquare Lets You Check-in To Check-out 

Black Friday Gets Social

Users of geo-location applications like Foursquare and Facebook Places can get discounts or get entered into special contests just by checking in to their Black Friday shopping destinations. Other services like Yelp, SCVNGR and Gowalla are also offering special promotions.

Some retailers, like Sears, are even running deal-voting specials on their Facebook fan pages. Plus, many retailers are using Facebook and Twitter to promote their early-bird specials in advance of the big shopping day.

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Diaspora: The Cure To All Your Facebook Woe’s

If you haven’t received an invite, here’s a sneak peak of Diaspora alpha in action.

Diaspora Alpha invites were delivered to the select few people that were deemed worthy this week.

Developed by four friends in New York, Diaspora was born in reply to Facebook privacy concerns. After a lot of early buzz, they have finally sent out some private alpha invites.

The biggest selling point to Diaspora is that all of your data is portable, encrypted and selective. Diaspora allows you to download all of your data, or all of your photos direct to wherever you are. It also allows you to make a clean break from the networking site without having to go through any messy deletion procedures.

The biggest feature on Diaspora is what they call ‘aspects’. These are like Facebook groups without the interaction. Essentially you can assign people to an ‘aspect’ of your life such as, “people I work with”. Once that is set up you can then decide what people in that ‘aspect’ can view. These are all private so the people you file under ‘shifty’ will not know.

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YouTube Skips ads

In what Youtube are calling ‘TrueView’ they announced this week that they will be launching skippable ad content soon.  It has a number of options depending on the length of the video you are watching. For short content you will be allowed to skip an add, and for longer content you will have the choice to watch a block of ads upfront or intersperse them throughout the show like T.V. There is also some rumours that users will be able to choose the ads they want, which is something Hulu tried a couple of years ago.

The initial reaction of marketers was obviously one of intrigue, immediately followed by outrage at the fact that users can skip their ads. Youtube have defended this by saying that although the average viewer can skip the add, the more engaged and targeted viewer will watch it, and thus creating a niche of targeted audiences.

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Yelp ‘Deals’ With Offers


Yelp have hopped on board the check-in deals band wagon to compete with services like Facebook and Foursquare. With Yelp check-in offers, business owners can incentivise repeat checkins and reward customers with three different offer types: percent off, free or fixed price.

Users can work towards an offer with each venue check in via the newly updated iphone and android app. After redeeming the offer users can start working towards the deal again.

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Foursquare Lets You Check-in To Check-out

Foursquare announced a partnership with Pepsico and Safeway earlier this week that aims to reinvent the grocery customer loyalty system. The system is based around VonsClub members linking their foursquare accounts to unlock rewards when they shop. Shoppers who link their accounts will earn instant Foursquare rewards on PepsiCo products — in the form of coupons printed at the register — at the time of sale. Rewards are also personalized to the user and tied to the types of badges a Foursquare user has already unlocked. For instance if you have the Gym Rat badge you will be eligible to receive a free bottle of Sobe Lifewater, or if you check in early in the morning you may earn some Tropicana or Quaker Oats products.

“One powerful use of Foursquare is helping consumers socialize their loyalty, to offer experiences that go beyond a simple card and are truly tailored to them as individuals,” Tristan Walker, Foursquare’s head of business development told Mashable. “If I earn the Gym Rat badge, that says something about me that a couple of stamps on a punch card or scan of a loyalty card cannot; we want to explore ways for consumers and retailers to both benefit from that. With nearly 5 million users, Foursquare is perfectly positioned to move this idea forward.”

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It’s been a busy week! Will you be taking advantage of social deals on Black Friday? Do you think that skippable Youtube ads will lead to more engaged audiences? Will Diaspora become the next Social Networking goliath? Will Foursquare loyalty rewards be installed in every supermarket? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.