This Week in Social: Linkedin Gives Brands More Freedom, Skittles Use Facebook to “Update the Rainbow”, Bing Get Social With Facebook

By Rob McNair

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Linkedin Gives Brands More Freedom


Linkedin announced new features for brands this week. Company pages now allow brands to showcase recommendations from customers and helps build your brand virally and credibly. Each time a LinkedIn member endorses a brands products or services, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections. If a brands followers like a product they could have some of the most credible endorsement on the web. We especially like the Facebook style banners. Check out Samsung’s company page for a look at the new features in action.

Skittles use Facebook to “Update the Rainbow”


Earlier this week Skittles began the second phase of it’s social media campaign. The first stage went largely unnoticed and was tagged by many as a failure, the second stage sees a skittles Facebook status updater dubbed, “update the rainbow”. It all seems very kitsch and the sort of thing that Skittles are known for, but they have to be careful. Dr.Pepper got it horribly wrong when they tried when they included a reference to an infamous internet porn video in a 14 year old girls status. This time it is different though, Skittles have created a ‘call centre’ where your updates are received, they then make a video out of it and post it to your wall. Skittles’ status updater already has more than 1.5 million fans, although that is under a tenth of the fans the page has got. These things tend to come in waves, we just can’t see lasting interest in it. It will probably peak after a couple of weeks usage and then decline into obscurity with people saying, “are you still using that skittles status updater?!”.

Google Local Gets a facelift 


Google Local has received a major update this week with local results showing at the top of the SERP and a map display on the top right. The big winner of this being local businesses, it presents to them a different way of showing online. This shows Google’s commitment to local.

Bing get social with Facebook


We may have been hearing about it for a while now, but it has finally happened. Bing has integrated with Facebook, you can now search using Bing through Facebook. You can also share things through social media channels straight from Bing’s SERP.

Facebook Announcement – This is a big DEAL!



Following in the footsteps of Foursquare’s mayoral rewards, Facebook launches deals for business. After creating a business page you can then create different types of deals to reward people for checking in to that place. It takes Foursquare’s mayoral idea and makes it better, offering the chance to create individual, group and loyalty deals. This offers a brand new platform for marketers to exploit, giving people incentives to go to places as a group or revisit places numerous times.

Zuckerberg also squashed rumours of a Facebook phone saying that they have no plans to launch a mobile device.

Google Announces Google Intsant Mobile Beta



Google have announced that they are launching a mobile beta version of their instant search results feature in the US. You will have to turn it on at first, but it is the first step to integrating it to all mobile devices.

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