UK Retailers Get Facebook Credits

UK Retailers Get Facebook Credits

By Rob McNair

Tesco and Game stores will sell Facebook’s virtual currency from this week, just in time for Christmas.

Social media network Facebook have announced that their virtual currency, Facebook credits will launch from this week in Game and Tesco stores.

Facebook Credits can only be used to buy virtual objects, for instance in games, and can also be earned through some applications in the same manner as air miles. More than 200 apps and games currently accept Credits, and 22 of the 25 Facebook apps use them. Farmville, the most popular game on Facebook, is one of the more than 50 per cent of games to adopt the currency.

Deborah Liu, the manager of product marketing for Facebook credits told The Telegraph newspaper that although Credits could only be spent on Facebook itself, their reach could go beyond the site by using Facebook Connect.


The idea behind launching the Credits giftcards is to let people buy them as presents. By doing this you are also limiting what they can buy with their money online. Mostly aimed at children who game online, it lets them have freedom with their credits, but ensures that no delicate security details are passing hands.

Would you buy someone a Facebook credit giftcard for Christmas?

This post was written by Rob McNair

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