This Week in Social: Delicious is Dead, Facebook Down, Posterous Groups And Blekko Gets Social

By Rob McNair

Delicious is Dead, Facebook Down, Posterous Groups and Blekko Gets Social


Delicious Is Dead??? It Appears So :(


For a couple of days now, we’ve been hearing rumors that the Yahoo layoffs included the entire Delicious team.  Now Former Yahoo employee and Upcoming founder Andy Baio has tweeted out the above Yahoo! product team meeting slide that seems to show that Yahoo! is either closing or merging the social bookmarking service as well as Upcoming, Fire Eagle, MyBlogLog and others. Read more on TechCrunch.

In some kind of weird founder solidarity, the slide was originally posted on Twitter by MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier.

Listed under the ominous “Sunset” are: Delicious, Altavista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Picks


Facebook Down as They Roll Out New Brand Pages


Facebook just began rolling out several new features, including newly redesigned brand Pages and the ability to switch accounts for managing different Facebook Pages without having to log out and log back in.

At around the time the new features began appearing (21.15 GMT), the site went down for many users.

The new layout signifies some big changes for brand pages. There are no longer any tabs and the new brand layout also integrates Facebook Places to the top of the page, for a full list of features check out SocialGlitz.


HeyTweets Lets You Tweet via SMS From Anywhere… For Free!

HeyWire, a service developed by MediaFriends that offers a free SMS service, is partnering with Twitter to offer a worldwide service, called HeyTweet, that allows users to send free tweets via mobile SMS.

HeyTweets, which is part of the free application HeyWire, allows users to access Twitter via SMS from anywhere in the world. Users can text from their own real dedicated phone number, essentially doing the same for Tweets using the shortcode 40404. HeyTweets will support tweeting in all major languages and offers iPhone and iPad apps,with with support for Android Smartphones and Tablets coming soon.

HeyWire itself offers free local and international text messaging from a phone number and is steadily gaining traction.

The reason why HeyTweets is compelling is that normally user sending Tweets via SMS would incur charges from their carriers. Twitter has negotiated lower carrier fees internationally, but users still incur a charge (Twitter actually bought startup Cloudhopper to hep mitigate this issues).

Read more on TechCrunch.


Blekko Gets Social by Letting You Search ‘Likes’


Search engine Blekko has made search a little bit more social. Now the search engine lets you login through Facebook Connect and, using Facebook API data, shows you what sites your friends have ‘Liked’ as well as lets you search only those sites. Just connect to Blekko through Facebook, wait a few minutes for your ‘Likes’ to load and begin searching with the /Likes slashtag to see only friend-approved sites.

Unlike Bing’s Facebook ‘Like’ integration, Blekko’s new feature doesn’t just surface ‘Likes’ next to already existant result URLs. You can actually change the results you see based on what your friends have ‘Liked’ by searching and adding the /Likes slashtag to any search, for example TechCrunch /Likes.

And while ‘Like’ data now also shows up  in normal Blekko search, you can also sort by ‘Like’ number by clicking on the thumbs up icon in the top corner of your results page. Click on ‘View’ to see which friends liked what.“We want to give you different views of the web based on how you want to see it,” said Blekko co-founder Mike Markson explaining the recent product development.

Read more on TechCrunch.


Posterous Gets Groups!


Simple blogging platform Posterous has always been about email and co-founders Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan have taken the idea of an email list one step further and developed Posterous Groups. Groups, an easier way to hold group discussion, hops on Mark Zuckerberg’s social bus and proves that its only a matter of time before all blogging platforms become even more social. “This came out of our frustration with Yahoo Groups and Google Groups” said Posterous Marketing Manager Rich Pearson, explaining the company’s attempts to develop “the best email list groups product possible.”

We tested out the Beta version this week and it looks good! There have been a few bugs reported, but on the whole we found it straight forward and easy to use.

Read more on TechCrunch.


Video Teaches You How to Hack the New Facebook Profile Layout

We’ve see some awesome layouts using the new Facebook profiles, this video teaches you how to do it.

Or read the instructions on TechCrunch.


Facebook Recognises Your Face


Facebook Photos, one of the social network’s most popular features, is getting a big and potentially controversial upgrade that automatically suggests whom users should tag in photos based on facial recognition technology.

Tag Suggestions is fairly straightforward. Whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of your friends in an album, Facebook will utilize its facial recognition technology to group similar faces together and automatically suggest the friend you should tag them with. As you can see in the screenshot above, Facebook fills in the “Who is this?” box with its suggestion — all you have to do is click the “Save Tags” button to accept.

Read more on Mashable.


Youtube’s New Homepage is a Giant Newsfeed


Youtube has unveiled a new version of its homepage with the singular goal of turning it into a destination rather than an afterthought.

At first glance, it doesn’t look all that different; there aren’t any radical changes to the design. However, there have been several changes to the user interface that YouTube hopes will draw visitors to the homepage more regularly.

The biggest difference is the “combined list,” which is essentially a newsfeed combining your subscription, friend activity and recommendations. The company put all of these elements together because it wanted to make the experience simple and seamless, unlike the previous version, which is filled with recommendation boxes and pushes the newsfeed below the fold.

Read more on Mashable.


What a week! So many things to talk about! If you got a brief glimpse of the new Facebook brand pages did you like them? How much will you miss Delicious? Will the social aspect of Blekko help push it up there with Google and Bing for Search Engine Supremacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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