This Week In Social: Foursquare Adds Comments, Facebook Allows Unmerging Of Places And Pages

By Rob McNair

Track Your Domain and Filter Date Range With Facebook Insights, Foursquare Adds Comments, Facebook Allows Unmerging Of Places and Pages


Facebook Lets Admins Unmerge Places and Pages


Facebook has provided a nice little virtual stocking stuffer for all those Page administrator who’ve made the mistake of merging their Page with a Place, not knowing the impact. Now, you will be able to unmerge your page and place based on a feature discovered by the creators of the “Unmerge Places & My Business Page” Facebook Page.


While some people are still reporting that the feature is not available, we’ve verified that the feature has been rolled out to some administrators. Many Page administrators have been calling on Facebook to create this feature for months. Now they have!


Facebook Improves Your Newsfeed


Facebook has just launched their update to help users filter their newsfeed, helping them get the information they want faster. Not only can you choose from top news and most recent, but now you get a drop down menu that lets you choose what type of news you want to receive.


Facebook Rolls Out Updated Insights



Facebook began rolling out updates to their analytics tool Insights this week. Two major updates to Facebook Insights are the additions of being able to add any domain, the ability to specify date ranges and the ability to export the results in CSV format. This is a major step forward for Facebook Insights and steps up their attempt to compete with Google Analytics.

Check out Virtue for more info.


Facebook Integrates With Trip Advisor


This week Facebook announced the latest addition to the list of sites that host it’s instant personalisation: TripAdvisor.

The popular travel site, which includes user reviews of hotels, restaurants, and other venues along with tools for booking a trip, will use your Facebook data to more prominently feature friends’ reviews. You’ll also be able to see where your friends have traveled, so you can know who to ask for advice.

Instant Personalization is one of Facebook’s more controversial programs (at least, it was when it was announced earlier this year at f8). Through the program, Facebook allows select third-party sites to access any of your public Facebook data as soon as you hit the site, with no logging in required. Sometimes it’s serendipitous, sometimes it’s sort of jarring, but it looks like most people like it (or at least, don’t hate it enough to quit Facebook). The program launched on Pandora,, and Yelp last April, and has since expanded to Scribd, Bing, RottenTomatoes, and Clicker.

Read more on TechCrunch.


Foursquare Adds Pictures and Comments To Their iPhone App


Foursquare has added two heavily requested features to its popular iPhone app that should make the service significantly more social: photos and comments.

The new features let you attach photos to checkins, tips and venues, and add comments to the checkins of your friends. These social updates, released just in time for the holidays, will also get enmeshed within the rest of your Foursquare activity and included on your history page.

With photos, you’ll be prompted to add one as you check in, in much the same manner that you’re already prompted to add a “shout” with each checkin. You can then continue to add photos after you check in that will be added to the checkin detail page — this page is also where comment activity happens.

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AOL Acquires Start Up After 4 Days


Splash-page startup has been acquired by AOL for an undisclosed sum. The company went from stealth project to acquired startup in just a year’s time. provides users with tools to create colorful profile pages that connect to and pull in content from their social media sites — much like competitor The startup began letting users reserve their names and pages in September and only officiallyopened its doors on December 16. Today, however, is nowan AOL property.

Co-founder, serial entrepreneur and investor Tony Conrad has an ongoing close-knit relationship with AOL. In 2008, Conrad sold his previous company Sphere to AOL for an estimated $25 million. AOL Ventures also participated in’s $425,000 angel round of financing.

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Skype Goes Down For Millions


On Wednesday and some of Thursday Skype was experiencing problems, millions of users were unable to sign in.

On its Twitter account, the company acknowledged an issue, tweeting: “Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations.”

Mashable reports that some of their staff were able to sign on, but were unable to see any of their contacts. Meanwhile, Twitter exploded with millions of angry users tweeting their frustration about Skype.


Double Rainbow All The Way!


An awesome double rainbow appeared over the skies over Los Angeles on Thursday, prompting Twitter to explode with tweets relating to the Yosemite Bear video, and get the term ‘double rainbow’ trending worldwide, “oh my god, i

t’s so intesnse!”. If you haven’t seen the viral video, then here it is for your viewing pleasure!



It’s been a busy week in social! Do you think that the new Facebook Insights will give Google Analytics a serious competitor? Will become a giant in the social media realm? Do you think that foursquare pictures and comments will take off, or is it asking too much from users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…



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