Clever or Clueless #SocialMedia Marketing – Are you THAT guy? #INFOGRAPHIC

By Rob McNair


clever of clueless infographic

To many social media is a world full of promise. To others (douchebags), it’s a ripe field ready to be harvested.

The kind of person that doesn’t see the error in their ways, shouts at people instead of communicating with them, believes that being present on every single social media platform is a must, considers auto DMs and spammy Emails the be-all, end-all and generally thinks they know it all.

As funny as that sounds at first, it’s actually pretty serious business. Companies and individuals throw thousands of £ and $ at people who pretend to know what they are doing and end up costing them an even bigger fortune in the long run. We aren’t only talking of a major time waste but also about bad representation of yourself or your company online. We don’t need to tell you what that means.

We from mycleveragency have searched the Interwebs and came up with a pretty clever graphic. Are you clever or clueless? Are you THAT GUY that people would rather not have to deal with? What is it going to be?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.