This Week In Social: Posterous Introduces Slideshows, Twitter Trouble, Facebook Is NOT Shutting Down

By Rob McNair

Posterous Introduces Slideshows, Twitter Trouble, Facebook Is NOT Shutting Down and Viral App ThreeWords Strokes Your Ego

Posterous Introduces Slide Shows


Fresh off the Posterous feature train is a fun new way to share your photos with friends, family and the world.  Now anyone can easily view a full-screen slideshow of your images across your entire site or those on a particular post.

Slideshows are available on both Posterous Groups and Sites and can be accessed through the Posterous toolbar or by hovering over any image gallery on your site.  You can also create and email a slideshow on the fly by adding “/#!/slideshow” to any Posterous address.


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Twitter Subpoenaed By US Government Over Wikileaks Account


The U.S. government has asked Twitter to hand over private messages sent to and from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks staffers.

In all likelihood, it’s also contacting other web services Assange may have used to get contact details and personal information about Assange’s activities and supporters.

According to a report just filed by The New York Times, Twitter has been subpoenaed by the U.S. government in connection to the ongoing WikiLeaks investigation.

Twitter, like most web companies, has a “spy guide,” documents pertaining to compliance with request from governments and law enforcement into criminal investigations. These requests are supposed to be accompanied by subpoenas or warrants.

According to Twitter’s specific guide [PDF], “In accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, non-public information about Twitter users is not released unless we have received a subpoena, court order or other legal process document.” Such requests would only be valid if sent by law enforcement.

In this particular case, every indication would point to the speedy release of Assange’s direct messages and other data to the U.S. government.

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Facebook Confirm That It Is Not Shutting Down In March


Earlier this week a well known ‘news’ site (that we refuse to link to) started the rumour that Facebook was going to be shutting down on March 15th. The ‘closure’ of Facebook was because Mark Zuckerberg, “wants his old life back”. The news site in question has also recently reported on an alien attack in 2011 and a Michelle Obama fake pregnancy.

Mashable received official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumor is false. We asked him via e-mail if Facebook was shutting down on March 15, to which he responded, “The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness.” He added, “We didn’t get the memo about shutting down and there’s lots to do, so we’ll just keep cranking away like always.”


Is MySpace Dying? It Has Reduced Staff By 47%


MySpace has officially announced that it will be reducing its staff by 47%, confirming rumors that have been surrounding the site since late last month.

A statement from CEO Mike Jones indicates that approximately 500 employees will be affected by the layoffs, which will take place across all divisions globally.

“With our recent relaunch as an entertainment destination for Gen Y, we introduced a much tighter focus, a significantly streamlined product and an updated technology platform,” Jones says in the statement.

It now seems that MySpace has a few strategies in store. On an international level, the company will be entering local partnerships in the UK, Germany and Australia to manage advertising sales and content. In addition, MySpace will also team up with .Fox (pronounced “dot-fox”) Networks, which it has partnered with in other international territories. Details concerning Germany and Australia have yet to be released.

MySpace — originally a social network along the lines of Facebook — first announced plans to revamp its image back in October, when it said it would become more of an entertainment hub, instead of being a place for friends to congregate online. Since then, the site has taken on a new look, while also introducing programs like Hijacks, which gives celebrities the chance to “take over” the site for certain intervals. Additional rumors concerning MySpace say that the site is still suffering from declining traffic and revenue — and that it may even be sold some time this year.

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Viral App Strokes The Ego


Fishing for compliments is something of a misdemeanor in most social circles — unless your circle is the Internet and you’re fishing with a shiny, new vanity app. is making the rounds this week. It’s a simple app that lets you solicit three-word responses from your friends around the web. Each respondent simply goes to your unique URL and enters three words about you.

Your friends can also add comments along with their three words, and you can reply to any entries. In your dashboard, you can see which words people entered the most.

You might get a lot of complimentary words, but be warned, o ye of little self-confidence: The app allows for anonymous commenting, so steel yourself for trolls, profanity and put-downs. You can delete any of the entries at your discretion. You can also choose to make all your responses private.

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Did any of you actually believe that Facebook was going to shut down? Will Myspace be dead or sold within the year? Will micro social apps like take over the social scene? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.


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