Facebook (officially) Launches New Pages Layout

By Rob McNair

Late last year Facebook let it slip that there was a pages redesign coming, they have now officialy confirmed this by launching pages upgrades. The upgrades makes pages appear more like the new Facebook profile layout.

The Old Layout…


The New Layout…


Some of the new features are…

Photo Stream


The most recent photos that you post to your Wall or photos that you tag your Page in will appear here. This area will not include any photos posted by your fans.


Navigation Changes Mean No More Tabs

The navigation links (that were formally tabs) are now on the left under the profile picture, just like on personal profiles.

Additional Wall Filters


Pages now have two Wall filters. You can show posts by your page and top posts from Everyone, a new way for people to see the most interesting stories first. Admins have additional filters for viewing posts on pages.

Pages Can Now Interact As Pages


Pages now have the flexibility to interact with the other areas of Facebook as a page. Facebook is also offering the following upgrades:

  • Get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • See activity from the pages you like in your news feed
  • Like other pages and feature them on your page
  • Make comments as your page on other pages

New Settings For Pages


You can set defaults for your email notifications and how you post to your page – as yourself or your page. You can also select which featured pages appear in the left column.


To update your pages to the new layout, or just take a tour of the new features click here.



What do you think of the of the new Facebook Pages layout? What problems, issues and challenges do you think it will pose for marketers? Do you think that brands will start to hack around with the pages layout and come up with something awesome? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below…

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.