This Week In Social: Facebook Deals Launch In Europe, Google Latitude Rolls Out Checkins

By Rob McNair

Facebook Deals Launch In Europe, Google Latitude Rolls Out Checkins and Social Captchas Prove You’re Human

Facebook Launches Deals for Places In Europe


Facebook Deals, a service that enables users to surface nearby deals using their mobile phones, went live in five European countries Monday morning.

Facebook users in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy can now take advantage of the first round of offers from companies like Starbucks (free coffee), Mazda (20% discounts on Mazda MXes) and clothing retailer Benetton (£2/€2 charitable donation to Architecture for Humanity). Users can find deals by looking for the yellow icon when they check in to venues using Facebook Places, available through Facebook’s official iPhone and Android apps, as well as

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Google Latitude Now Allows You To Check In

This week Google announced on their mobile blog that they had launched checkins via their latitude platform, allowing users to check in to physical locations rather than pinpoint on a map. You can still use Latitude to automatically update and share your location, but check-ins let you add context to the location—like captions to a photo.

Facebook Is About To Launch A Third Party Commenting System


Facebook is about to launch a commenting platform to compete with the likes of Disqus and other third-party services, reports Mashable.

The rumour was first reported by Cnet Monday afternoon. People familiar with the matter have confirmed that a commenting platform is in the works and that Facebook has been reaching out to prominent media organizations to partner for the launch.

Facebook Launches Social Captchas


In an effort to beef up security Facebook have launched social captchas. They will replace regular captchas (those slightly warped letters you are asked to re-enter to prove you are human) with a picture of one of your friends. You will need to identify the person to authenticate yourself when you are trying to retrieve a lost password or Facebook detects suspicious login activity on your account. You do know what all your “friends” look like, don’t you?

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It’s been a busy week for Facebook! Do you think that Facebook Deals will see Places become more popular than Foursquare? Is it too little too late for Google’s Latitude checkins?  Will social captchas become standard in every website? We’d love to hear your thoughts and predictions in the comments below…

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