This Week In Social: Lil Wayne Snatches World Record From Oreo, Klout Launches Its Chrome Plugin

By Rob McNair

Lil Wayne Snatches World Record From Oreo, Klout Launches Its Chrome Plugin


This week Oreo attempted to set the record with a post to the brand’s Facebook Wall. The post read, “‘Like’ this post to join Oreo fans around the world in setting a Guinness World Record for most “Likes” to a post in 24 hours. Oreo is the world’s favorite cookie, and with your help, it will be the most ‘Liked.’”


Shortly after that post surfaced, Lil Wayne announced to the world that he was also going after the Guinness World Record for most Facebook likes in 24 hours.


At the end of the 24-hour period, Oreo had 114,619 likes; five hours later, when the rapper’s 24-hour period had expired, his post had 588,243 likes, easily trumping Oreo’s bid for the Guinness World Record. (Though the company was honored for its brief record in a Guinness ceremony this morning.)


Around 16.7 million Facebook users “like” Oreo’s page on the social network; Lil Wayne’s fanbase weighs in at 20 million Facebook users strong. However, the high level of engagement between Weezy and his fans tipped the balance in his favor.

Mazy Kazerooni is Lil Wayne’s digital manager. He told Mashable that the stunt was intended to show off Lil Wayne’s social media chops. “I want people to think ‘Bieber, Gaga and Lil Wayne.’ The traffic we do is ridiculous and no one really knows,” Kazerooni said.

There’s a valuable lesson in this exercise for social media marketers; although the brand failed to accomplish its goal of holding onto a world record, it did get a ton of brand recognition and positive press along the way. Still, a brand, no matter how delicious, endearing, or ingrained into the American experience, is unlikely to have the Pied Piper-like pull of an internationally known star.


Klout Launches Chrome Plugin


Influence on Twitter isn’t simply about the number of followers someone has. It’s about a number of different factors, from retweets to reach to interaction, and more. Twitter influence analytics service Klout takes all of these factors and sums them up into a Klout score, which it says is “the measurement of your overall influence online.”

Now, the company has released an extension for Google Chrome that brings its simple, one-number scoring metric directly to the interface.

The extension, dubbed simply Klout for Chrome, retrieves the Klout score for each person in your Twitter timeline and displays it next to their name as you browse Twitter on the site.


Via ReadWriteWeb.

What a result for Lil Wayne! Are there any losers in this Guinness World Record attempt? Will the Klout extension for Chrome be a must have plug in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…


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