This Week In Social: Mashable Follow Announced, Facebook Phone Set For Release, LinkedIn Open Up Access To Developer Platform

By Rob McNair

Mashable Follow Announced, Facebook Phone Set For Release, LinkedIn Open Up Access To Developer Platform, New Facebook iPhone App, Twitter Upgrades Search, Obama Plans Live Town Hall Meeting and Radian 6 Makes Social 2011 Announcement



Introducing Mashable Follow

We’re excited to announce this week the beta launch of a new social layer called Mashable Follow. This project is the start of a significant shift for Mashable in 2011, as they evolve from being a purely editor-driven news site to becoming a true news community that seeks to engage their readers in the news process. Beyond personalization, they believe that curation is the next great wave in news, and empowering their community to choose the news of the day is the ultimate aim of the Follow project.


The First Facebook Phone?


Touted as the first ‘official’ Facebook phone, stores across the UK are set for the release of the INQ Cloud Touch. Whilst executives at Facebook have denied the existence of an official Facebook phone, before commenting that all mobile devices have the potential to be Facebook phones, the screen shot above shows a platform heavily geared towards Facebook usage.


New LinkedIn Platform Offers Developers The Chance To Help Build The Professional Web


This week LinkedIn have announced that they are opening up full access to their new platform for building the professional web. In October, they announced early access to a new Javascript platform to help make integrating LinkedIn faster and more powerful.  Since then, they’ve had over a thousand developers test out the new technology platform, serving over one billion page views across the web.


Facebook Promotes Social Commerce Alongisde The Release Of Event Check Ins For iPhone


Facebook this week announced Version 3.4 to allow users to check in to events, released Monday, it also now includes a map view for Places and the ability to unfriend Facebook friends in-app. Facebook also described the power of word of mouth when they said on Wednesday that every time a user posted on their news feed that they bought a ticket from Ticketmaster, friends spent an additional $5.30 on Ticketmaster (presumably for the same event).

Read more on the upgraded Facebook app on Inside Facebook. Or head over to the New York Times for more details of Facebooks announcement.


Twitter Upgrades Search Function Whilst Considering Brand Pages


Twitter Blog have made it easier to find and follow accounts based on your interests. When you search for a topic, you can now discover accounts that are relevant to that particular subject. Reports are suggesting that Twitter is also considering releasing brand pages, similar to those seen on Facebook.

You can read more on Read Write Web.


Obama To Host Live Town Hall Meeting On Facebook Whilst Homeland Security Are Set To Issue Terror Warnings Via Facebook And Twitter


President Obama has always embraced social media and is now set to take it one step further with a townhall meeting set to be broadcast live on Facebook. It was also announced this week that the department of homeland security are set to release terror threat level warnings via Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more on Yahoo.


Radian 6 Make Social 2011 Announcement



You can see video updates from the conference including Radian 6 insights announcement on Social 2011. You can also follow the conversation at #social2011.


Have you started using Mashable follow yet? Can the INQ Facebook phone rival the iPhone? What do you think of LinkedIn’s platform announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.