This Week In Social: Twitter Warning, Spotify for Facebook, Twitter Acquires TweetDeck

By Rob McNair

Twitter Warning, Spotify for Facebook? Twitter Acquires TweetDeck, Google’s Manual Search Results Frozen, Drivers to ‘Friend’ Cars, Facebook Ad Manager Update, Google Wallet Announced and Twitter Timelines

Twitter Warning


Tony Wang, Twitter’s new European boss has warned the sites users that they face serious repercussions for breaking privacy injunctions. He warned that the site would hand over user information to the authorities where they were “legally required”.

You can read more on BBC.

Spotify to Launch With Facebook?



is reporting that Facebook has partnered with Spotify on a music-streaming service that could be launched within the next couple of weeks. The integrated service is currently being tested, but when launched Facebook users will be able to see a Spotify icon on the left side of their newsfeed.

TweetDeck Acquired by Twitter


It has been announced this week that TweetDeck has been acquired by Twitter despite touted competition from UberMedia. TweetDeck has seen rapid growth over the last three years, and can now boast a user-base of millions.

Googles’ Manual Search Results Frozen


Google’s search results have been “frozen” from anything but algorithmic changes due to multiple government investigations — and possible investigations — numerous sources have told LAUNCH.

Drivers to ‘Friend’ Cars


Bringing back memories of childhood favourites such as Herbie or Brum, Toyota Motor have this week announced that they have joined forces with, a US cloud computing firm, to create a private social networking service called “Toyota Friend” for drivers.

You can read more on the Telegraph.

Facebook Ad Manager’s Nifty New Features







Facebook rolled out an updated version of their ad manager earlier this month. Facebook has worked to make it less monotonous and more visual. You now get served ad analytics all on one page with a few colourful graphs thrown in.


Google Wallet Unveiled


This week Google announced Google Wallet, an app that will make your phone your wallet. You’ll be able to tap, pay and save using your phone and near field communication (NFC). Google are currently field testing the app, and are hoping to release it soon.

Twitter To Let You See Other Users’ Timelines


Twitter is set to launch a feature next week that will let users see the microblogging site through the eyes of the people whom they follow. The feature is already live for some users and looks to be a useful tool for discovering accounts worth following.

You can read more on Mashable.

Are you worried that you might be getting a call from the Twitter police? Would you use Spotify on Facebook? Will you be replacing your wallet with your phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

This post was written by Rob McNair

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