This Week In Social: Facebook Bidding for Skype, Real Life Farmville, Facebook Allows Shortening Of @ Mentions

By Rob McNair

Facebook Bidding for Skype? Real Life Farmville, Facebook Allows Shortening of @ Mentions, Facebook Group Migration, Lady Gaga Rogue Twitter Attack, Bin Laden’s Death Sets New Twitter Record, and Frito Lay Sets New World Record.


Facebook Bidding for Skype?


Facebook has been working on further integrating Skype beyond simply exchanging contacts like you can right now. So reports that the social network wants to acquire the Internet telephony giant may explain why the next stage of integration seems to be taking longer than the rapid pace that Facebook is known for.


Real Life Farmville


My Farm Experiment (not affiliated with the Zynga game) in the UK lets players run an actual farm on the Wimpole Estate, which is owned by the National Trust, a British charity. Some 10,000 people will help farm manager Richard Morris run things. Here’s the catch, though: It’s not free. It costs £30 (about $49) to become a virtual farmer. That payment goes to the National Trust.


Facebook Allows Shortening of @ Mentions


Once Facebook users have tagged a friend in a post or comment by typing the @ symbol or part of their name and selecting the name from a drop-down menu, they can now shorten the tag by deleting parts of the friend’s name.

You can read more on Inside Facebook.


The End is Near for Old Facebook Groups


Facebook will begin archiving all groups created using the older format, in a push to get everyone onto the newer version of the feature.



Lady Gaga Falls Prey to Rogue Twitter Attack


Beware of any messages and links advertising a so-called “banned”Lady Gaga video spreading across Twitter. The messages are part of a rogue application attack that has quickly spread across the network in the past 24 hours, tricking thousands — if not millions — of users, including Lady Gaga herself.

You can read more on Yahoo!


Bin Laden’s Death Sparks Record 12.4 Million Tweets  Per Hour



Twitter said that news of bin Laden’s death “saw the highest sustained rate of tweets ever”. For more than an hour there were over 3,000 tweets per second about bin Laden, peaking at 5,106 tweets per second as President Obama addressed Americans.

You can read more on The Telegraph.


Frito Lay Sets New Facebook Record


Guinness World Records has confirmed that PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division has set a new Guinness World Records title for the “Most Fans on Facebook in 24 Hours,” garnering 1,571,161 new “likes” (i.e. “fans”) on April 11, 2011. The attempt started at 2 PM CDT on April 11, 2011 and ended at 2 PM CDT on April 12, 2011.

What do you think the potential Facebook deal for Skype will result in? Will you be investing in the real life Farmville? Did you tweet about Bin Laden? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

This post was written by Rob McNair

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