Facebook Messenger for Windows Desktop

By Rob McNair

Techcrunch is reporting that Facebook has rolled out a beta version of a Desktop client for its Messenger service. As ever this has been rolled out to just a small number of people. This new desktop client gives Facebook users access to Facebook chat and messages as well as their real time news ticker. It also offers popup alerts in typical instant messenger fashion.

Since Facebook launched its chat service, the only way you could get desktop chat was through 3rd party applications like Digsby, Trillian and more recently Microsoft MSN Messenger. Facebook Messenger for desktop does seem like a natural progression for their messenger service after they recently released mobile versions of its Messenger service.

At the moment there is no public download link and it is only available for Windows 7 users. When we have a public download link we’ll update this post with all the features we find.

Facebook have added a Help Center Page with some details on the Desktop app. One thing we noticed on there is that there is currently no group chat or video chat within the app, however I can see that being integrated further down the line.

This is a clever move from Facebook. For the people that don’t currently live on Facebook all day, it offers a new way to keep you in touch with all of your friends without signing in to the website. This could also then increase traffic back to Facebook from people having a more noticeable news ticker to keep an eye on. Also this move could see a new advertising stream for Facebook with advertising being delivered straight to the user in the same way that Microsoft does with it’s MSN messenger service.

Do you have access to Facebook Messenger for Windows 7? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

*** UPDATE *** You can now download Facebook Messenger for Windows 

This post was written by Rob McNair

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