This Week in Social: Facebook Add Extra Insight, Google+ TV Advert, Klout Now Includes Google+ Score

By Liam Foy

Facebook add extra insight

Many Facebook users have only started to see the new Facebook insights this week and will be seeing Likes, Reach and Talking About. These were the original three, but if you have claimed a Facebook Place and linked it to your Page you will now also see check-in analytics. Check-in analytics can help Page admins understand their audience a little bit better by knowing the age demographic, how regularly people check-in and if they’ve checked in to an event you’ve run.

Google+ TV Advert

Google aired a TV ad for Google+ yesterday during the Greenbay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game. The Google+ ad is part of a long line of TV ads Google has been running, mostly for Chrome. The advert however does not actually state what Google+ is but instead it’s an introduction to Google’s social media platform.

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Facebook introduce Sponsored Stories to Ticker

facebook sponsored ticker

Facebook confirmed that it has introduced Sponsored Stories, or ads, to the ticker. The ticker first appeared to mixed reviews when Facebook revamped News Feed in early September. The inclusion of Sponsored Stories among regular ones will be familiar to any user of Twitter, as they are similar to promoted tweets and trends. Sponsored content in various “feeds” is rapidly becoming the norm in social media.

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Klout now includes Google+ Score

Google+ users might have seen their Klout scores go up Tuesday. The social media ranking company Klout has built a scoring model to calculate activity from Google’s social network. Klout, which measures users’ online influence, started allowing users to add Google+ to their Klout dashboards on the 22nd September but has not affected people’s Klout scores until this week.

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American Football Endzone Hashtag

In what’s believed to be a first in American college football, Mississippi State have painted their schools rallying cry, #HAILSTATE, in their endzone. College teams usually decorate endzones with the title of their school, mascot nickname or a colorful pattern but this social media integration has taken endzone decoration down a whole new route.

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This post was written by Liam Foy

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