This Week in Social: Foursquare Redesign Dev Section, New YouTube Analytics, Spotify Apps

By Liam Foy

Foursquare redesign dev section

Foursquare launched in December 2010, along with the newest version of the API.  Foursquare have retooled their Getting Started Guide and an overview section that walks you through tutorials, set up, and their most common use-cases. Foursquare did this redesign to make the platform easier to use for all developers no matter what their standard.

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New YouTube Analytics


YouTube announced this week that they are launching their new anayltics, to replace YouTube insights, which are more in-depth and offer more to analysts. Here are the four new main features to the Analytics; New Dashboard Overview, More Detailed reports, Audience Retention and Estimated Earnings. If you’d like to know more about the anayltics click here.

Twitter’s self-serve ad platform goes live

Twitter‘s long-awaited self-serve ad platform was quietly introduced in November with a “handful” of advertisers. Self-serve ads accounted for about 60% of Facebook‘s estimated global advertising revenue. A self-service program should help Twitter entice more small and medium-size businesses in a simliar fashion to Facebook.

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Spotify Apps

Spotify held an event this week to announce the next big phase of their service….Apps. You can download a beta version of Spotify to check out the apps now, otherwise you’ll get the update in the next few days. Once you have access you’ll see a new section of the left hand menu called, Apps, and an App Finder as the first listing. There are eleven apps to start with, mostly focused on music discovery.

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Sponsored Stories in Facebook Ticker

facebook sponsored ticker

“Sponsored stories” have appeared on Facebook for some time, targeting users based on their friend’s activity, such as if your friend likes a Page. Facebook started sponsored by featuring them along side marketplace ads, but from Monday users will begin to see them in their tickers, giving you real time “Sponsored Stories” ads. More on this story is available here.

This post was written by Liam Foy

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