What’s cool about Facebook Timeline?

By Rob McNair

It’s been 10 weeks since Facebook announced changes to your profile pages. It’s called “Timeline” and we think it’s pretty cool. Developers (or anyone who knew how) have been able to gain access ever since the f8 Conference in September and we’ve grown fond of the new platform and it’s potential. Now, Facebook have announced it’s rolling out Timeline to the masses, initially starting in New Zealand – although we’ve heard reports this morning people in the UK and further afield have been able to opt in (see above image for what the invite will look like).

What is set to be Facebook’s biggest shift to date, savvy users have been used to prep the platform for it’s wider rollout that we are about to see. Taking this into consideration, we thought we’d pull together some of Timeline’s coolest features before you get to grips with it yourself.


Instantly you’ll see the layout of your profile has changed. Now, in front of a light-blue background your profile is divided into two columns, made up of posts and aggregated content, with a line down the middle separating the two side… your Timeline. You can track this line all the way back down to your date of birth.


Using “Timeline” you will be able track your life back to your date of birth, like a kind of online scrapbook, all the way back to your birth – where you can add your Mum, Dad and pictures if you really want to! In addition to this, you can back date content, meaning that picture you took in 2005 will be filed under 2005 on your Timeline. You can skip to any past year using the quick links on the top right of your screen or simply scroll down… and down… and down for a kind of “This is Your Life” moment.

Cover photo

The major addition to your new profile page is called “Cover Photo”. Facebook have allocated a large banner across the top of your Timeline for a photo of your choice. Separate to your profile picture, your cover photo will be the first thing that strikes you when checking out someone’s profile – there’s some pretty cool “hacks” going on already.

Acitivity and aggregated content

As Facebook increase integration of other services, such as Spotify, the more you will see your activity aggregated into blocks on your Timeline, also known as Apps. Your friends activity, check-ins, answers to polls, music and even newspaper articles, thanks to Open Graph, are all neatly tucked into groups of similar content. Photos and videos are bigger, links are clearer, liked content larger and check-ins populate a nice map – all some of the ways Timeline is changing the way your activity is presented.


“Music” is an entirely new section that keeps track and tell your friends about what you’re listening to across multiple external services, including Spotify. You can comment on your friends musical tastes or “like” the song they are listening to, you will even get a notification if a friend has listened to the same music as a result of seeing your selection on Facebook – you have to opt-in of course.

So that’s the cool things about Timeline in a nutshell. No doubt you’ll uncover the rest in due course. Tell us in the comments if you like it? What you like about it? Or, if you hate it? Even worse, will you be leaving Facebook as a result?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.