How to change your Facebook profile to a fan Page

By Liam Foy

Are you using Facebook to promote a business or a cause?

Then you need to make sure you’re using a Facebook Page rather than a Facebook profile.

The good news is that Facebook allows you to easily migrate your personal profile into a Facebook Page.

Fan Pages are different since they are run by organisations, businesses and public figures and they use the ‘Like’ option to gather their followers, because they are not allowed to befriend personal users and send them personal messages.

They can talk to their fans, but have a limited access to their personal data. These distinctions were intentionally created to differentiate the public and private spheres on Facebook. However, fan Pages also have great benefits for businesses and organisations:

  • They’re allowed to have limitless fans (personal profiles are restricted to 5,000 friends)
  • Can be redesigned to your own needs
  • Offer a wealth of analytics and stats

Here are the easy steps to migrate your Facebook profile to a Facebook Page:

  1. First thing to do is backup your current profile.  This is very important!  Facebook will download all your wall posts, friends, pictures, events, profile info, etc. and zip it up into a large file.  The process takes Facebook about 1 hour to run, depending on the wealth of data you have stored on your Facebook account.  To run a backup, click on account -> settings -> download your information
  2. Once you have received an email from Facebook with your .zip file of stored information, follow this link to the migration page
  3. Select your business type from the six possible options and fill out the short information prompts and hit “Get Started”
  4. You will then be directed to your new business Page.  You will notice that your profile image will be imported from your previous profile but your fan total will be listed as “0”.  Don’t worry, when you refresh your Page, you will see the number quickly rise to your pre-existing fan/friend base

For all the details on how to switch your profile, check out the Facebook Help Center. We highly recommend that you read the details carefully because once you convert you can’t reverse the process.

Have you switched your Facebook profile to a Page? Let us know how it went in the comments below…

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This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.