This Week in Social: Twitter Able To Censor Tweet, FBI To Monitor Social Media, YouTube Changes

By Rob McNair

Twitter now able to censor Tweet


Twitter is now giving itself the right to withhold content in specific countries, while keeping that content available for the rest of the world. Until now, the only way Twitter could censor content was by universally removing it from the site. This change means content deemed inappropriate by a specific government can be withheld locally. The restrictions will be based on the IP address of the user. As this isn’t perfect, Twitter will allow people to override this, if they believe they’re being inaccurately targeted. Another help page at Twitter explains in more detail about country withholding, and how this might also happen for some accounts (versus individual tweets) and the types of notices people may see.

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FBI wants to monitor social media


The FBI is looking to develop a web application that can monitor social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, in order to gain better real-time intelligence about current or potential future security threats or situations. This plan was inadvertently revealed by the FBI’s Strategic Information and Operations Center (SOIC) in a market research request for a “Social Media Application”

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YouTube Changes


Building off its redesign in December, YouTube is rolling out design updates to other aspects of its site. The changes include updates to the Browse page, Video Editor and Video Manager and align with the overall rebranding that Google has pushed out to the majority of its sites and products.

Shoebox integrates with Facebook Timeline


The mobile app ShoeBox, that lets you scan old photos and post them online, has announced this week its Facebook Timeline integration. Using the newly released version of the ShoeBox iOS application, users will be able to scan photographs of family and friends using their smartphone, tag users by name, and then share those photos to Facebook.

[Edit: Shoebox was acquired by in 2013]

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This post was written by Rob McNair

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