Why a Facebook Page needs to have a fan-gate

By Liam Foy

What is a fan-gate?

A ‘fan-gate’ (otherwise known as the ‘reveal tab’) is Facebook functionality that enables marketers to display one type of content to fans and another type of content to non-fans.

This ‘hidden’ content may be a:

  1. Discount Voucher
  2. Exclusive Image or Videos
  3. Insider Information
  4. Free download

It is aimed at encouraging people to ‘Like’ your Page and become a fan. See the Red Bull example below:

source: http://www.facebook.com/redbull

Why do people want to ‘Like’ your Page?

People generally ‘Like’ a Facebook Page because they would like to make a connection with that brand or community. Once someone has ‘liked’ your Page it will then appear in their profile and more importantly in their news feed, which their friends may also see. The act of a person ‘liking’ your Facebook Page can be seen as them endorsing your brand. This may encourage their Facebook friends to investigate your brand further and ‘Like’ your brand as well. Their friends may even go the further step and become customers!

Once someone has ‘liked’ your Page, you will be able to post content that will appear in their news feed for them and their friends to see. So basically it’s free advertising!

Make your fan-gate default landing page

Now you know how important a ‘Like’ is it only makes sense that to have your brand new fan-gate as your default landing tab. This gives you the best chance of converting people visiting your Page who are non-fans.

To make things easier, we have developed an app to do all of this for you. Simply head to http://apps.facebook.com/freefangate/ and you can install it straight to your Page. Best of all this one is FREE! For more information on the app click here.

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This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.