This Week in Social: Facebook Launch Verified Accounts, Facebook’s New Button, New Version of Twitter

By Rob McNair

Facebook to launch verified accounts


Facebook will start offering some users the possibility to verify their accounts. The feature will start as invite-only, allowing public figures (in the beginning, only users with high subscriber counts will be invited) to change their account to a verified status. Once the account is verified, it will appear more frequently in the “people to subscribe to” list. Twitter launched verified accounts back in 2009, and Google+ launched a similar feature shortly after launch. However, unlike Twitter’s version of this feature, Facebook won’t display any sort of badge on verified accounts – a somewhat odd decision, since having a way to distinguish the real person from impostors is precisely why this feature is useful to most users. Instead, verified users will have the option to display a nickname (Facebook normally requires all users to use their real name) instead of a real name, or have their real name places in parentheses.


Facebook’s New Button

Facebook have slyly rolled out a new button on brand Pages….the “Add to Map” button. The option allows users the chance to create a post that will show up on their map as well as their Timeline. While users normally say there at a location when they’re actually there via mobile, this feature allows them to add in location retrospectively, allowing users to flesh out their Timeline.

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New Version of Twitter, for everyone

In December, Twitter launched the new version of Twitter. It’s been avaialbe for phones, via the mobile web, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android, and they have been slowly rolling it out across Now, this rollout has finished so everybody will see the new version.

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Twitter Launches it self-serve ad platform

Twitter is now accepting sign-ups from small businesses that want to participant in its self-serve ad program. The sign-up process is now live, just click here to sign up. In a promotion with American Express, Twitter offering a $100 credit for free advertising to the first 10,000 businesses that register — you just have to accept American Express cards, or be a cardholder yourself. Oh, and the sign-up process also requires you to follow American Express on Twitter.

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This post was written by Rob McNair

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