Pinterest Redesign Personal Profiles

By Liam Foy

It was announced earlier in the week that Pinterest would be updating their personal profiles and here they are!!!!

The cool kid on the block, Pinterest has gone live with the first major update to its profile pages since launching a couple of years ago. As you can see the profile page has been changed quite a bit, your info is now displayed across the top of the page rather than in a column on the left hand side. As well, say goodbye to the activity bar, it’s been replaced by a little section (to the right hand side of your bio) of who you have recently re-pinned.

Just beneath, your bio area, is a bar that has tabs containing your boards, pins likes, activity, followers, following and an edit profile and rearrange boards tab. This bar scrolls with you, as you scrolls through a profile.

NOTE: When your on somebody else’s profile the ‘Edit Profile’ button changes to an ‘Unfollow All’ button.

You will also notice that they way your pin boards are displayed also look different. The pin boards no longer show nine different images but instead Pinterest have opted for a main image and four others. I think that with a larger image your eyes are drawn more to the boards, rather than squinting at 9 little images.

There has been a subtle addition to Pinterest, which not everyone may see straight away….It’s in the about section (see the image above) Yep, Pinterest have added a ‘Legal & Copyright’ section to their profiles, which is timely given the recent concerns that have been surfacing lately about the legality surrounding the website. However the ‘Terms of Service‘ have remained the same, which were last updated on 29th March 2011.

As you can see (above) Pinterest has introduced a Copyright Infringement Notification form. This means that users can now give and receive DMCA notifications. If you receive one, it means a pin has been removed, and if you receive too many DMCA’s then you may lose your privilege to add new content, or even worse your account may be shut down completely.

I really like the redesign, it create a smoothness that I think Pinterest may have been lacking before. There is a greater emphasis on the person rather than just a bunch of random small images that don’t really have any context. I really like the larger photo that acts as a cover photo (yeah I know cover photo is being bashed around here there and everywhere at the moment) but it draws your eyes to the board. Unlike yesterday, when we wrote about Google’s redesign of the +1 button, I think Pinterest have got this spot on. Bravo Pinterest!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the redesign. Do you like it? Do you prefer the old layout? Either way leave your comments below….

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This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.