The New Google +1 Button

By Liam Foy

The Google +1 buttons are receiving a little bit of a makeover to match the red and white logo of Google+. According to an update on the Google+ Developers blog, the new +1 look will be visible to the Google+ Platform Preview Group before being deployed into the public. So what was once white and blue (with a splash of yellow, green, and red) has now been reduced to a minimal red a white box. The new button is similar to the old button, in the sense that once you have clicked on it, it reverses in colour. Sadly, there is no longer the nice multicoloured header at the top of the box! See the images below for the old looking button and where this new one is cropping up. Notbly, it’s not appearing in search!

On your Google+ profile….

On your Google+ posts…

On your ‘Follow’ widget….





My thoughts are that I don’t particularly like it and it’s less noticeable. The subtleness of color and small font size make the button literally disappear. The older version had plenty of contrast to help it be noticed. Perhaps a more subtle approach is what was wanted by Google but this icon seems to just fade away. Sorry Google, but I feel that you have got this one very wrong.

So you’ve heard my thoughts on the button, here is what some of our other staff thought:

Shane Jones (Head of Tech) stated “I’m not a fan of the new button although i’m guessing its an A/B test as the search results are still using the old buttons. I do prefer the obviousness of the white and blue button, plus that one is more on brand for G+. Maybe Google are heading towards a redesign of plus.”

Rob McNair (Chief Strategy Officer) “Our eyes are naturally drawn and are pre conditioned to looking at small red elements on webpages as notifications. Perhaps Google is leveraging off of this as well as bringing colour consistancy to its previously colourful buttons.”

Sam Hughes (Senior Campaign Manager) “Google looks like they’re still trying to figure the whole social network thing out, Google+ started off as the bright young thing on the social scene, but now it’s a ghost town. The new look Google +1 button is yet another (failed) attempt to entice people into using Google+, the colours are wrong and the branding looks like a recession into a past iteration of Google branding. No sir, I don’t like it.”

Do you like the new button or do you prefer the old styling? Let us know in the comments below…

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This post was written by Liam Foy

As Head of Client Services, Liam ensures that all of his clients’ strategies are on track, delivering ROI and coming up with new ideas to drive them forward. Beer makes him tick, reading, learning and drinking it.