This Week in Social: Twitter To Change Brand Pages, AMEX Discounts On Twitter, Facebook Messenger For Desktop Comes Out Of Beta

By Rob McNair

Twitter to change brand pages

Twitter is set to change it’s brand pages once again but this time it doesn’t include a major overhaul of the aesthetics. These changes, however, include changes to the functionality of a Twitter brand page. So you may have thought Sweepstakes and commerce are only for Facebook, but now for those big spenders (on the Twitter ad platform) they’ll be given the opportunity too run Sweepstakes, contests, and e-commerce on their page.

Would you buy products of Twitter?


Channel 4 to choose content based on SM

Imagine having the choice of sending a tweet about a show that you would like to watch and *boom* it’s their right in front of your eyes. Well you don’t have to dream any longer (well sort of). Channel 4 is launching a new television channel called 4seven. The basis of this channel is to only show the most popular programs from the last seven days, chosen through the medium of social media. This is to allow consumers to catch up the shows they like without having to go online.

Is this the evolution of the second screen?


AMEX discounts on Twitter

American Express has integrated once again with Twitter. You may remember last month Twitter announced you could sign up to their self-serve ad platform, as long as you had an American Express account. Now, you are able to sync your American Express card with Twitter in order to gain deals. To do this visit the AMEX Favourites List, see which big brands are using the deals, and Tweet using the specific hashtag. Oh a remember you must have an American Express card for this to be applicable. If you’d like more information on this integration just click here.

Do you think these discounts are too selective?


Facebook Messenger for Desktop comes out of Beta

Here’s one for all you Windows lovers out there. After three months of testing Facebook has announced that the Messenger for desktop is to come out of BETA. Now you just have to wait a couple of weeks…. Of course, you can keep in touch with all your friends by just staying logged into Facebook all day but if you do accidentally click the little cross, then you are okay and your conversation can continue. The desktop version looks identical to the chat bar (inside Facebook) and you do receive notifications when your friends want to chat.

Would you rather chat on site or on your desktop?


Facebook “Add Interests” Lists

Facebook appear to be stepping up their rivalry with Twitter. Facebook have just launched a new “Add Interests” feature, which if I’m not mistaken seems awfully similar to Twitter lists. You can select different interest be it music, films, or sports and then decide whether or not you’d like them to be public or private. Once you’ve created your list, all your items (that you’ve picked) appear in a news feed. Facebook said it turns the service into a “personalized newspaper,” with lists representing different sections of the paper.

Do you prefer Twitter lists or Facebook interest lists?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.