This Week in Social: Facebook Page Manager App, Tailored Suggestions On Twitter, Facebook Streams ‘Casablanca’

By Rob McNair

Facebook Page Manager App

Managing Facebook pages from a mobile device has been a tricky challenge for page admins, but now Facebook has started testing an app that will make our lives easier. It’s called Facebook Pages Manager and it is available in the app store now for some countries and is rolling out to everyone very shortly. This is an interesting move, could it mean that Facebook be launching different apps for  specific features on the site instead of trying to pack all their features and services into one main app? Who knows, but if they do it could make the normal Facebook app run a lot smoother than it does now. The new app allows page admins to log in as your actual page rather than trying to access it through your own personal app, some of the main features of the app are as follows:

  • Filter Options – As like the web version you can now filter posts by everyone’s posts, brand posts or hidden posts
  • New Likes – If you want to find out who has liked your page and what their profiles look like then this option is now right in front of you
  • Overview of Insights – Once again, in a simliar fashion to the web version, you can see an overview of Likes, Weekly Reach and People Talking About This
  • Advanced Analytics – Although the insights don’t drill down as much as they do on the desktop version of the site, they do offer you a much better look at your Facebook timeline and how it’s working for you
  • Activity Actions – You can now see every single interaction via a dedicated notification page

If you’re a page manager go and have a play with the app and let us know what you think about it.


Tailored Suggestions on Twitter

Currently, when new users go to Twitter, they show them all almost the same suggestions for what or who to follow, which let’s face it isn’t ideal. So what Twitter are testing on how then can try and improve the ‘Suggestions’. The first of these will show new users a list of accounts that they recommend you follow, alongside a timeline filled with Tweets from those accounts. If you’re part of the experiment, you’ll see a Twitter experience that’s relevant to you right when you sign up. If you’re a current user, you may see tailored suggestions in Who to follow so you can constantly find interesting and relevant accounts that are new to you.

Have you recently signed up to Twitter and had these improved tailored suggestions?


Twitter implements ‘Do Not Track’ feature


On Thursday, Twitter announced it will offer a “Do Not Track” option that will let users opt out of being tracked through the service. Users will be able to implement the new feature by enabling Do Not Track in various browsers that offer it. Doing so will block Twitter from collecting information about users via cookies. For example, in Firefox, when a  user enables Do Not Track, the browser prevents websites from using cookies to track the user’s behavior and personal information. Do Not Track only works on sites that have signed on to the service.

Do you think Twitter implementing ‘Do Not Track’ is a good move?


Facebook streamed classic film ‘Casablanca’

On Wednesday night, Facebook users were treated to a one-night only screening of the classic film Casablanca, which was streamed from the film’s brand page. The screening coincided with the launch of Casablanca’s 70th Anniversary three-disc Blu-ray and DVD combo edition from Warner Home Video. The event also aimed to promote a new e-book initiative called “Inside the Script” that gives movie fans a deeper look into various films. The illustrated e-book collection contains the film’s actual shooting script, rare materials from the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive and more.

Did you watch Casablanca?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.