This Week in Social: Brain Surgery On Twitter, Facebook Rolls Out File Sharing, Bing Integrates Social Into Browsing

By Rob McNair

Brain Surgery on Twitter

Dr. Kim Dong of Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital performed a brain tumor resection surgery on a young adult patient Wednesday morning. The operation was a routine one for him, but this time it came with a catch: His every move was live tweeted by hospital staff, with graphic photos and video posted to Twitter and other platforms along the way. While Dr. Kim worked in the operating room, a team outside the room documented everything on social media. The posted videos to YouTube and photos to Pinterest.

Do you think this was a cool use of social media for public education?


Facebook rolls out file sharing

The social network has revealed that all Groups will now offer the ability to send files. This update rolls out to a small percentage of groups Thursday, and will become available to others during the following days. If you don’t have the feature already, Facebook say that you’ll have it soon. Users can upload most file types up to 25MB — the same file size limit as Gmail. The exceptions: music files and executable (.exe) files but e-books, comics, music videos and other small movies are fair game.

Do you use Facebook Groups? What do you think about this latest feature?


Facebook test paid apps

Facebook just got a little bit more like Apple and Google. The company announced on Wednesday that it is building its own app center and it’ll also enable paid Facebook apps for the first time. Users currently search for apps on Facebook using the same search bar they use to find people, groups and events. In the coming weeks, they’ll be able to search from a dashboard that looks much like Apple’s App Store or Google Play — complete with details and ratings for each app.

Would you pay for Facebook apps?


Bing integrates social into browsing

In a bid to pull more users away from rival Google, Microsoft said Thursday it is rolling out the most significant revamp of Bing since its search engine’s 2009 launch. Leveraging its relationship with Facebook, Microsoft said the new features will personalise the search experience to make it more relevant to users. The new format will incorporate three columns: search results on the far left, a “snapshot” of related services in the center and Facebook connections on the far right.

Do you think this is a good move for Bing?


Twitter rolls out faster mobile site

Following updates to its iPhone and Android apps late last month, Twitter announced Monday that it has upgraded its mobile website to include many of the features introduced in the redesign the company introduced in December. Users who access Twitter from feature phones, low-bandwidth networks and older desktop browsers will see that is now organised into four channels that should be familiar:

  • Home –  Displays all the tweets from the accounts you follow
  • Connect – See tweets in which you were mentioned
  • Discover – See what’s trending based on your connections, location and language
  • Me – View your direct messages and your own tweets

Are you happy to have this on your phone?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.