This Week in Social: Twitter’s Expanded Tweets, Facebook Tests Off-Site Ads, Sweden Twitter Account Rant

By Rob McNair

Twitter’s Expanded Tweets

Twitter updated its “expanded tweets” feature earlier this week, allowing users to see more interactive content like news stories and video galleries, inside tweets. As per usual, this is only available to partners. What happens when you expand a tweet containing a news article you’ll see a headline, introduction and sometimes the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. The partner websites listed in the announcement were The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Der Spiegel Online, WWEBuzzfeed, TMZ, BET’s 106 & Park, Lifetime, Dailymotion.


Facebook Tests Off-Site Ads

Facebook is testing a new feature with a select group of marketers that will allow users to share offsite ads on Facebook. At the moment marketers and advertisers have to purchase ad units or Sponsored Stories within the Facebook ad platform however, the new unit allows marketers to mak ads that aren’t on Facebook but are shareable through Facebook’s Open Graph. Historically, sharing ad units directly to Facebook using the Open Graph has been against Facebook’s Terms of Service, which makes this new unit test all the more interesting. It’s possible that Facebook is looking for ways to work with advertisers to bring offsite content back to Facebook, without it existing in the traditional ad unit.

READERS: Would you like to use these type of ads?


@Sweden Twitter Account Rant

The @Sweden Twitter account, created and overseen by the Swedish Institute and VisitSweden, is unique in that a different Swedish citizen is given the reins of the account each week to make posts about Sweden and their lives as they see fit. In previous weeks, the tweets have been handled by a female priest, an 18 year old living with his parents, and a lesbian truck driver, among others. This week it was 27 year old blogger Sonja’s turn and boy did she make an impact. Sonja decided that she would go ranting about Jews, porn and much more. In one tweet, she mused “Whats the fuzz with jews. You can’t even see if a person is a Jew, unless you see their penises, and even if you do, you can’t be sure!?”. Whether she is doing it as a publicity stunt to be that “shocking” or if it’s her actual personality she has got everybody talking about @Sweden.

READERS: Would you like to control your countries Twitter account?


Durex’s XXL Facebook Image


Durex is facing a social media backlash after posting a fake ad on its UK Facebook page, featuring a woman with plasters over the corners of her lips to advertise XXL condoms. The ad, which uses an image from a Burger King ad promoting the size of their burgers and is not a real Durex ad and has been changed so the tagline reads ‘really big…’, with a packet of Durex XXL condoms in the bottom right hand corner. Durex posted the image, which lead to almost 900 likes, 120 shares and 130 comments. However, following angry comments the image has been deleted, with Durex making no apology.

READERS: Do you think Durex stepped over the mark?

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This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.