Facebook launches Social Events Calendar

By Liam Foy

Facebook has been the place many people use to invite friends and family to special events for a long time now. The catch is that those invites are very easy to miss for a lot of users, meaning they don’t get to participate. Facebook has finally launched a redesign for Events adding a Calendar View to the mix making it much easier to see an event coming in advance.

The redesign started as a Hackathon project a year ago and will replace the old Events for all users over the next few hours. You’ll access the new look the same as before, through the” Events” link in left-side navigation menu of your home page.

Rather than having to scroll down through each upcoming event’s title to see ones in the future as before, Calendar View lays out all your RSVPs in front of you on a set of giant grids. Events and birthdays are listed in each day’s box, and can be hovered over or clicked through for details.

“Today we announce a new list and calendar view that makes it easier to scan upcoming birthdays, invites and suggested events,” says Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin. “Scroll through these events and respond to invites without leaving the page. Suggested events are recommended to you based on your friends, Pages you like, places you’ve checked in at and the apps you use on Facebook. Before a recent hackathon, a few of us created a Facebook group called “Social Calendar Dreamers” to spark discussion around making Events more visual,” said Baldwin. “At the next hackathon, engineers from the events, photos, messages and other teams hacked through the night to build a better way to view events. By 6 a.m., we had a prototype that worked.”

To go to the calendar view for events, click on Calendar in the top left of your Events dashboard.

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This post was written by Liam Foy

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