5 Great Facebook Cover Photos

By Nick Cullen

Since the introduction of the Facebook Timeline in February this year, brands have come to see the potential of it’s most prominent feature; the Cover photo.

They have discovered that using the 851 x 315 pixel space to showcase and promote their products proves an effective marketing tool in social marketing. Studies show that consumers pay far more attention to the cover photo on a Facebook brand page than any content on the wall, with 100% of users looking at cover photos compared to 65% to 92% of viewers who look at profile photos.

Here are 5 examples of great Facebook cover photos:

1. HTC

Has cleverly found a way to both promote products and engage their fans allowing them to upload great shots from their HTC phones. HTC change the cover photo each week, handing over a large section of Facebook real-estate to its users. This creates engagement by crediting the fan and the specific type of phone, whilst showcasing the quality of photos that can be taken on HTC phones.



Puma struck ‘Gold’ with the signing of Usain Bolt at the age of 15, and with such a sporting icon on their books, New York based Droga5 NY have used his London 2012 triumphs to maximum effect using a simple and iconic photo along with a tongue in cheek colonial tagline, which encourages followers to share and comment.



Lance Armstrong’s Cancer Charity Livestrong’s cover photo is a unique and attractive design that communicates the spirit of the brand. The use of the iconic and simple yellow band device works great as your eye is drawn to the blog tab which continues with the same theme encouraging its users to share their similar stories.

4. Philips Sound

What a great piece of artwork Philips have put  on their cover photo. This is an excellent use of the space, with the design being a continuation of the profile pic your eye is drawn from left to right over the main artwork that showcases key moments in Phillps’ development / achievements over the past 80 years. This design stands alone as piece of artwork and makes for a more ‘shareable’ image due to its lack of branding.



A carefully chosen cover photo can create massive engagement. Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet uses just one great travel pic to maximum effect, allowing users to comment and to ask “where is that?” (Namibia in the example below) or “I’ve been there”, and also share this and upload similar photos.

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This post was written by Nick Cullen

Nick's responsible for the design of artwork for our Social Media clients, working along side our in house campaign and technical managers.