Is Amazon The Next Social Network For E-commerce Brands?

By Rob McNair

Amazon have confirmed the launch of brands pages with their own personal URLs, just in time for the holiday shopping period. They’ve quietly rolled out this  service called Amazon pages, which allows businesses to set up their own pages on as customer domain, for example On this custom domain a brand has a large selection of photos, along with social media links (yes, we’re excited about this). In addition to these brand pages, Amazon are offering posts for companies to market themselves across both their site and Facebook, along with custom analytics to measure how well all of the above are working.

This concept is great for brands who want to outsource their full online operation, in place of their own standalone site. The whole move, which is documented on the Amazon Marketing Services division site, has also posted a PDF guide to help people through the whole process. So you’re probably thinking what’s this going to cost? As we can see the pages will be free to develop – the pages will also allow you to choose from three templates in order to create your storefront.

Amazon Pages

You’ll be able to include more photography that what is currently provided, including a large hero image; buttons to both Facebook & Twitter pages, and merchandising widgets, which allows you to select and place links to specific products of yours or others offered through Amazon.

Amazon Posts

This move by Amazon is no doubt a jump into social marketing. The admin of an amazon page can now use posts to update their visitors with new messages, which also allows you to cross platform posts to Facebook. It’s essentially a Hootsuite-like client, with the ability to schedule updates and cross-post messages. One question is whether social platform such as Hootsuite will allow Amazon integration? At the moment Amazon brand pages only allows you to post to Facebook, although it looks like Twitter will also be integrated later down the line.

Amazon Analytics

What’s great about the whole platform is the analytics which will allow us marketers to have a true understanding of conversions. The analytics will cover metrics such as reach, views and considerations, and purchase lift. It will allow us to understand as brands what products work well and how audiences interact with brands & posts. Ultimately, this is something Facebook attempted to do with the introduction of e-commerce stores within brands pages, but these failed to gain any traction. This was mainly due to trust, but with a well established & trusted retailer like Amazon, will it work?

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.