This Week In Social: Facebook Events & Recently Released Albums, Instagram Badges, Amazon Brand Pages

By Rob McNair

Facebook Testing Upcoming Events & Recently Released Albums

It has been confirmed that Facebook are testing two new features in the its news feed, Upcoming Events and Recently Released Albums. AllFacebook who originally discovered the new NewsFeed features, lists events in a users area that they may not have been invited to. We’ve also started noticing this feature in our newsfeed, which can be seen in the screenshot above. The ‘additional information’ module in the top rights reveals the feature gives “suggestions based on what’s happening nearby.” This feature has previously been in the calendar, but has now made in into our newsfeeds.

The second new feature is the ‘Recently Released Albums’, which shows a recent album by an artist that the users has listened to recently on Spotify. Once clicked it allows you to stream the album through Spotify while still on Facebook. All these new tests ‘show how Facebook can use Open Graph data and other cues to generate new types of stories.’ Although users are reluctant to give Facebook more data about themselves, the more we are prepared to give, the more they can give us back. Both these modules aren’t sponsored as yet, but are Facebook just testing these for future ad roll out? In typical Facebook fashion, they’re being very ‘hush hush’ telling The Next Web that,“we’re always testing new features…we have nothing further to share at this time.”

Instagram Badges Helps Users & Brands Promote Profiles on Web

Instagram have rolled out official badges for bloggers and businesses to help promote their presence on the photo sharing site. The official blue badge, which can be seen above is to direct users to their new Instagram web profiles.

Want to add the new badge? Head over to the official badges page, select the icon and copy the interactive code for you website. The buttons are sized to fit with all the other standard social badges.

Facebook Testing Photo Sync for iOS

Good news for iOS users! Facebook have confirmed they’re testing apps to allow photos taken on an iOS device to be instantly uploaded to a private Facebook album. Earlier in the year Facebook tested this for Android users, although Google plus are one step ahead with ‘Instant Upload’ which they launched in February 2012.

At the moment Facebook is only releasing this option to a small group of users at this time. If you have this option, you’ll be able to choose Photo Sync from inside the photos app on the left side navigation bar, or inside the photos part on your Timeline. This Photo Sync option is effectively acting as a cloud service, backing up your data in case your phone is lost or damaged. It’ll also be able to hold 2GB of images, which is a reasonable amount.

70% of Facebook Pages Inactive

A new study has suggested that nearly 70% of all Facebook business page are inactive. In October examined more than 5.7 millions Facebook pages with at least 10 likes, and used a subset of about three million pages to dig deeper into specific category activity. Among the difference categories on Facebook, community pages are most likely to be inactive (79.3%), closely followed by company pages (73.5%).

As well as discovering that 85.3% of companies ignore conversations on their own pages, they also found out engagement rates on brand pages have dropped by 8.5% since March. This engagement rate is based from likes, comments and shares from page posts.

Image Source: Econsultancy

Amazon Roll Out Brand Pages

As we reported earlier in the week, Amazon have confirmed the launch of their brand pages with custom URLs. On the brand pages they’ll now have a large selection of photos, along with social buttons for Facebook and Twitter. These pages also offer businesses the opportunity to post from Amazon to Facebook in a Hootsuite-like client platform, with the ability to schedule. The pages also come with custom analytics to measure how all the above work, covering metrics such as reach, views and considerations, and purchase lift. The big question on everyones mind, is Amazon the next big social network for e-commerce brands?

This post was written by Rob McNair

Rob has experience advising some of the worlds most iconic brands. He thrives on helping improving social media knowledge within organisations with the ultimate goal of making theirs brands more social, transparent and accountable.